Tokyo Rising

I just looove Tokyo. It’s amazing how they value culture yet embrace modernity as well. From efficient public transportation, to delicious Japanese cuisine, to the kindest Japanese people – this place is one of my favorite travel destinations.

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Tokyo’s vibrant street scene

The Streets and Public Transportation

It’s such a good feeling when the streets make you safe and secure. Hands down to the people who developed their public transportation. You should see how all these train lines were linked together transporting every passenger from point to point in such an orderly fashion. Sure, there are a lot of train lines and it could get confusing. But spending a few days in Tokyo with train rides covering a lot of your transportation needs make you street (and train) smart.


Crossing the street in Shibuya

Japan mornings at the famous Shibuya Station would have busy streets with people crossing on all sides. No matter how busy the place gets, tourists (like myself) would still stand at the center of the road and make an effort to get a good street photo.


Shibuya’s busy morning view

Imperial Palace East Garden

Maximizing the trip to Tokyo would mean visiting tourist places with lake side views, parks, and temples. The ground level exit from a train ride going to Imperial Palace would look like this and it’s breathtaking. I didn’t even feel like I was in Asia at that time.


Arriving at a park leading to Imperial Palace


The lake view on the way to the entrance of Imperial Palace


A quick photo with this view is not that bad either

The Imperial East Garden is just one area of the Imperial Palace grounds. The inner grounds of the Imperial Palace is closed to the public except on special occasions so be prepared for a bunch of tourists crowding the East Garden to get a good view of the palace from the outside.


Nijubashi Bridge overlooking one of the buildings inside the palace

Ramen everywhere.

You can have a ramen run just about anywhere to satisfy your craving. Shoyu Ramen is the original and still my favorite type of ramen. In Japan, they have this huuuge bowl of noodle soup. I also love how the pork is so soft and tender that it could just melt inside your mouth.



The Shrine of Hachiko

Exiting Shibuya Station, we were told that the shrine should just be around the corner and there it was with a line of tourists taking turns having selfies and photo ops. Thanks to the true-to-life Hachiko movie, this dog is downright famous.


This iconic shrine

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure in Japan. It’s basically used for broadcasting and as an observation facility. Tickets are being sold for tourists who would want to go up the tower. It doesn’t really get crowded in this tower as compared to Tokyo Skytree which is another observation tower in Tokyo.



 Too pretty in a good weather and those clear skies

Delicious meat. 

Honestly, I’d really prefer meat (over pasta) for the main dish. There’s something about how they serve meat that’s real tender and how the flavors just blend together. Steak houses in Tokyo will let you see the actual raw steak, make you decide how many grams of steak would you like and what type of cut would you want it served. Some restaurants on the other hand would charge their customers per dish.


Zooming in to this delicious steak


Sweet and savory

Tokyo Skytree Tower

There is a train station dedicated for Tokyo Skytree goers to experience a full 360-degree view of Tokyo. The waiting line for people to purchase standard tickets could get really, really long (like probably 2 hours). For foreigners, I’d suggest going for the express pass that may slightly be of higher price without going through the long line.

There are lots of places in the first few floors of Tokyo Skytree where you can shop and dine too. I would also suggest you to take a look at these areas.


What a tremendous development for Japan with all these buildings and efficient means of transportation


First world city

Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji Temple is just a few minutes walk from Asakusa Station. There are lots of Japan souvenirs that you can buy from this place to bring back home. I would also recommend trying their Japanese pastries that’s served hot and freshly baked.


Grand view of this temple


Definitely your one-stop souvenir destination

Tsukiji Fish Market

This fish market is one interesting place for sushi and sashimi lovers. There are also interesting seafood finds here like grilled urchin, scallops, crabs, lobsters, and tuna. Foodies out there would be thrilled.


Typical food set-up around the area

A food stall near the main street of Tsukiji Market had customers lining up and when we got to see why, we just sensed it was a good place to eat. It was actually one of the top food destinations in Tsukiji for serving not fish but HAM.


Customers queueing up


One bowl for me to taste, please.


Worth the wait and worth eating too!

I’d say take a half day tour around Tsukiji Market, get to see how they prepare food right in front of you and go back for more!


Grilled scallop and sea urchin


Delicious tuna on a stick salted to just the right amount during their weekend market


Grilled lobsters

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