Hong Kong and Macau Eats

Hong Kong and Macau are both home to many Chinese dishes that we Filipinos have loved and we’ve tagged some of these types of cooking as delicious comfort food. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve discovered in the streets of Hong Kong and Macau of finding food the local’s way.

  1. Brisket Noodle and Milk Tea of Hay Hay Kitchen

As the flight was very much early in the morning for check-in, I found a restaurant that served breakfast and regular dishes as early as 7AM! This one’s along the street of Lockhart Road, Hong Kong Island.


Found this restaurant around Lockhart Street

2. Triple Delight of Kuang Kee Restaurant

Along Morrison Road in Hong Kong, there’s a restaurant that served char siew (my all-time favorite dish wherever Asian country I go), crispy pork (aka. lechon kawali) and pork sausage as one triple threat. This is actually one huge serving with a huge taste too!


My favorite char-siew with these other delicious Chinese-style cooking

3. Original Egg Puffs of Mammy Pancakes

These original egg puffs are delicious without that “nakakaumay” feeling. Mammy Pancakes are Michelin-starred by Hong Kong which means they are part of the best restaurants list around the city. As far as I can remember, this costs around HKD 20 or around PhP 130. Their cheese egg puffs and waffles are a must-try too!


These egg puffs can be found along the long stretch of Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong

4. Cheesy Porkchop and Ice Lemon Water of Kam Kee Cafe

This cafe which is also along Morrison Road served this dish in a casserole with a big serving of rice and porkchop smothered with tomato sauce and cheese! It’s like chicken parmigiana but served with porkchop with real good taste. I paired this mains with iced lemon water. I thought this lemon water drink would just be a regular water with added lemon slices to it. Surprisingly, as I took the first sip it had a sweet refreshing taste to it. I don’t know how they did it but it was delicious! The price of the dish together with the drink was I think around HKD 50. Good price, with no regrets.


Cheesy casserole goodness perfect for lunch or dinner!


Their menu can be viewed in this ping-pong racket book. Also, their ice lemon water was my favorite drink all throughout the trip! Witty menu and good food deliciously established in 1967

5. Porkchop Burger Buns and Porkchop Steak of Vitoria Restaurant and Cafe

While walking in a small street in Macau, people were flocking and lining up at this restaurant. We did not know why but the place looked like it was a good eat because the place was really packed. It turned out that this restaurant was a great place to experience Macau local dining. Their bestseller is the Porkchop Burger Buns. I have also tried their Porkchop Steak because a lot of diners were ordering it. Lols. It did not disappoint though!


A few minutes walk from Ruins of St. Paul, this one’s a must-visit place that’s worth the wait!


Zooming in on their porkchop steak paired with their crunchy fries sides


Their bestselling dish

6. Spicy Chicken Fillet of New Yaohan Food Station

This mall’s food court is located on the eighth floor of this very tall building at the heart of Macau that is home to several restaurant choices. I picked this Korean Spicy Chicken Fillet. This rice topping had the right combination of spice, sweetness and good Korean flavors to it.


New Yaohan Mall’s Food Station in central Macau

7. Portuguese Egg Tarts of Koi Kei Bakery

Macau’s specialty food would definitely be their Portuguese Egg Tarts. They’re sold at a lot of restaurants but Koi Kei Bakery’s egg tart is the most popular one. Egg tarts are sold at 9 Macanese Patacas a piece (MOP 9) or  around PhP 55.


Egg tart served hot and fresh everyday


A lot of these egg tarts are sold along the street leading to Ruins of St. Paul in Macau

8. Chicken Teriyaki of HKIA Departure Area Terminal 2

I forgot the name of the restaurant but this one’s located when boarding on Gates 200 to 230-ish. Lols. I capped the Hong Kong and Macau escapade with this airport find.


Teriyaki sauce-smothered goodness

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