Touring Hundred Islands

Here in the Philippines, we are all aware that Boracay Island is temporarily closed for 6 months (May 2018-October 2018) due to rehabilitation procedures currently in progress. Locals are now looking for other destinations to beat the Philippine heat. This year, I've discovered a city with a hundred islands. 124 islands to be exact but 123 … Continue reading Touring Hundred Islands

Wander in Taiwan

Taiwan is moving forward with their authentic culture continuously holding true. This country has a way of inviting people to dive into their lifestyle and experience their local tradition. As of this writing, residents coming from the Philippines can travel VISA-free to Taiwan until July 31, 2018. Here are some activities in the country that you … Continue reading Wander in Taiwan

Tokyo Rising

I just looove Tokyo. It's amazing how they value culture yet embrace modernity as well. From efficient public transportation, to delicious Japanese cuisine, to the kindest Japanese people - this place is one of my favorite travel destinations. The Streets and Public Transportation It's such a good feeling when the streets make you safe and … Continue reading Tokyo Rising