Digital Art Comes to Life at teamLab Borderless Tokyo

Digital art in a borderless world is teamLab Borderless’ theme imagining different artworks coming to life. The artworks in the museum change from time-to-time and moving in and out of rooms. If you are a tourist, the most convenient way to get to teamLab Borderless is by train. Take a train ride to Odaiba and alight at Aomi Station.



There are three major attractions for this museum – Team Borderless, The Athletics Forest, and The Future Park. Team Lab Borderless are basically moving artworks whereas The Athletic Forest and The Future Park features interactive activities for both young and the young-at-heart to experience.



An interesting section of the museum would be the room full of lamps. Visitors of teamLab would queue on this area. Because of the long line for this room, visitors will only be given about 3 minutes to take pictures and see the lamps up close. Better ready your cameras for that perfect shot!


There are a lot of artworks featured at teamLab Borderless and every single one of it has a story to tell. My personal favorite would be the cascading lights in the Crystal World section where it seems like you are in the stars or in outer space. This by far got my attention with beautiful cascading colors that change from time-to-time.



For tickets to this museum, visit their website at . The website shows ticket availability within the next two months so make sure to check it’s availability first and secure them at once. Entrance ticket costs about JPY 3,200 (about PhP 1,515).Other reliable travel and tours website options to get tickets are at and

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