Exploring ‘Streetmarket Boracay’

Station X is Boracay’s newest hub for your delicious food search in the island. The food hall’s located inside Hue Hotel Boracay and wait until you see what’s in store. The whole place has a lot of restaurants inside so it’s good to roam around and go check what would please your tastebuds.


Station 2, Main Road Boracay

As of the moment, the hotel is nearly done with most of their facilities in the ground floor on soft opening. Their food hall is at the ground floor with most restaurants open for business. It’s also nice how they incorporated “X” in the design of their hotel as this location is where they say, at Station X.


Hue Hotel’s facade


The new shops at Station X


Being Boracay’s first food hall, the place actually has a modern look to it. You’ll be welcomed with this view at the central hall with the contrast of colors of its interiors complimenting the beach atmosphere of Boracay Island. It’s like your own laidback beach house serving food just a few steps away. You just know it’s a great place to hang out.


Bright colors that’s perfect on a sunny day

The food hall recreated their own version of trees creeping all around their high ceiling. It’s just so fresh and unique to look at. Over-all, the whole place has a beach-meets-modern world scape. 


Ceiling creativity

Food hall finds


The main food hall itself

Sugar Cloud

This store is famous for its bingsu (Korean iced milk dessert) and pressed juices. I personally tried their Mango Pineapple Juice and it tasted fresh and delicious! Probably the next time I come and visit, I should definitely try their bingsu specialty.


Juice and dessert station


Fresh and refreshing Mango Pineapple Juice

Santa Peligrosa

A Mexican restaurant that’s peligrosa indeed best describe this place. Santa Peligrosa whip such rich blends of Mexican ingredients in their food. Aside from their main course selections, they also serve tacos, burritos, ensalada, and chips and salsa that’s perfect for late night food runs.


Menu choices


I find this restaurant’s logo nice with a slightly bad-ass feel and it works!


Short Rib Chili with a peligrosa taste!

Little Wave Coffee

Serving blends by Manila’s very own EDSA Beverage Design Group, this little wave is definitely creating big waves in the island. Being a Boracay island girl for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been looking for great coffee areas in Boracay after my morning runs or during my afternoon coffee cravings. Knowing that it gets ingredients from EDSA Beverage got me impressed and the taste – flawless!

Oh and guess what, they serve one neat breakfast too.


Little Wave riding on some big wave taste


I’d forever admire places with good ceiling interiors just like this one.


Death Cream for their cold coffee specialty (as told by their barista)


Flat white anytime


Diavolo serves Neopolitan style pizzas cooked fresh inside their brick oven. They’ve gotten some pretty good reviews so I have got to taste this on my return to the island.


Stall front of this restaurant with their brick ovens in the background

Winner, Winner

This restaurant delights itself in their “deep fried delicious” buttermilk chicken. This restaurant looks promising to me – in a probable win, win situation.


Those vibrant neon lights


Streetmarket Boracay would not be complete without a bar. If you’re down for some drinks, they have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to enjoy the night away.


Prisma Bar setting

Local Color

Local Color is a shop that boasts truly Pinoy products with stationaries, trinkets, post cards, coffee and chocolate specialties – the best ones on various regions in the country.


Local Color’s store front

Station X, Streetmarket Boracay is located inside Hue Hotel, Station 2, Main Road, Boracay Island.

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