Exploring ‘Streetmarket Boracay’

Station X is Boracay's newest hub for your delicious food search in the island. The food hall's located inside Hue Hotel Boracay and wait until you see what's in store. The whole place has a lot of restaurants inside so it's good to roam around and go check what would please your tastebuds. As of … Continue reading Exploring ‘Streetmarket Boracay’

Hong Kong and Macau Eats

Hong Kong and Macau are both home to many Chinese dishes that we Filipinos have loved and we've tagged some of these types of cooking as delicious comfort food. Here's a rundown of what I've discovered in the streets of Hong Kong and Macau of finding food the local's way. Brisket Noodle and Milk Tea of … Continue reading Hong Kong and Macau Eats