Touring Hundred Islands

Here in the Philippines, we are all aware that Boracay Island is temporarily closed for 6 months (May 2018-October 2018) due to rehabilitation procedures currently in progress. Locals are now looking for other destinations to beat the Philippine heat. This year, I've discovered a city with a hundred islands. 124 islands to be exact but 123 … Continue reading Touring Hundred Islands

VLOG #02: Dinagyang Weekend 2018

I've been wanting to make a vlog out of Iloilo Dinagyang's Festivities. This year, I got the chance to cover Kasadyahan (Saturday event), Dinagyang (Sunday main event), a weekend party, and a roadtrip with my Manila friends who came over to visit. I hope you get to enjoy this vlog. I also hope that next … Continue reading VLOG #02: Dinagyang Weekend 2018