VLOG #02: Dinagyang Weekend 2018

I've been wanting to make a vlog out of Iloilo Dinagyang's Festivities. This year, I got the chance to cover Kasadyahan (Saturday event), Dinagyang (Sunday main event), a weekend party, and a roadtrip with my Manila friends who came over to visit. I hope you get to enjoy this vlog. I also hope that next … Continue reading VLOG #02: Dinagyang Weekend 2018

The Festive Vibes of Dinagyang

The start of the New Year kicked off another festive time for the city of Iloilo. Dinagyang season was here again and it felt more alive with all the food fests, parties, and concerts all over the metro. Here are my random thoughts and quirky observations on this festival. What's it all about. Dinagyang Festival is … Continue reading The Festive Vibes of Dinagyang