The City of Pines

Baguio City is known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and the “City of Pines” because of its cool climate and lush pine trees. This city up North is about a 4-hour drive from Metro Manila with alternative routes thru Kennon Road or Marcos Highway. 

Go horseback riding at Wright Park.

Wright Park is one of the most famous tourist spots in Baguio City. Family and friends can go horseback riding for 30-60 minutes at a fee of PhP 300 and PhP 600 respectively. You get to choose a horse accompanied by a guide or for advanced individuals, you may go horseback riding by yourselves.

Take a photo at The Mansion.

Climbing the long stairway from Wright Park will lead you to The Mansion which is the resthouse of the President of the Philippines. The main gate is open to the public for picture-taking. 

Check out Baguio’s beautiful blooms.

There are a lot of flower shops around Baguio City most especially on favorite tourist spots like Wright Park and Mines View Park. They come in a variety of plants and flowers from poinsettias to sunflowers, dahlias to cactuses, basil leaves to peppers.


Take a walk along Session Road. 

Session Road is a famous road stretch in Baguio City. This is perhaps the most iconic road in the city with local shops and restaurants on both sides of the street. At nighttime, especially during the Christmas season, this place get pretty crowded with people strolling around and tourists getting a taste of local Baguio food. Traffic tend to build up during peak season as well.

Get cheap reads at Bookends.

Bookends is a hidden bookshop since it’s found on the innermost area of a small street. This shop is an interesting find catering to all genres that booklovers (like me) would want to visit.


Visit Burnham Park.

Burnham Park is like Baguio’s centerpiece. They have a lake at the center where you can rent a paddleboat. In the morning, try jogging around the park or join a zumba class. They also have a bike lane for the young and young at heart which is open from early morning until late in the evening. I would suggest looking for a taho vender selling delicious strawberry taho. A few minutes walk from Burnham Park will lead you to Baguio’s famous night market which opens around 10PM where they sell ukay-ukay items, local souvenirs, and street food. 


Watch the scenic view at Mines View Park. 

Mines View Park is famous for its breathtaking view overlooking the Benguet mountains. This area is also a tourist center with souvenir shops, restaurants, and various local delicacy stands.


Watch out for Part 2 of my Baguio City blog which will feature what and where to eat in Baguio!

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