#DOKFERJ Towards the Ilonggo Future

A media conference was held at Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo last October 11, 2018 for Congressman Ferjenel Biron soon after he filed his Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) as governor of the province of Iloilo. Serving four consecutive terms as Iloilo’s 4th District Representative, he wishes to share the wisdom he got from Congress and apply it to programs needing utmost attention stressing public health care for the Ilonggos and various infrastructure developments to strengthen economic zones of the province. As congressman, Doctor Ferj authored Cheaper Medicines Act of 2008, Food and Drug Administration Act and Gift Cheque Act.


From the talk, I came to know that he was a self-made man who worked his way up to become a successful doctor, an owner of a pharmaceutical business and a congressman in service to Iloilo as a district representative at the same time. He completed his degree in medicine with flying colors despite financial struggles growing up.


A significant quote I got from the press conference was to “educate and build yourself up”. I believe this is a good message for the millennials to try to learn as much as you can, graduate and create something meaningful out of your life. That even from humble beginnings, anything is possible with hard work, passion and a kind heart.


I personally had great insights at the said event. Also, I would like to thank Congressman Ferj Biron and his team for inviting me and my fellow Iloilo bloggers to the media conference!

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