Touring Hundred Islands

Here in the Philippines, we are all aware that Boracay Island is temporarily closed for 6 months (May 2018-October 2018) due to rehabilitation procedures currently in progress. Locals are now looking for other destinations to beat the Philippine heat. This year, I’ve discovered a city with a hundred islands. 124 islands to be exact but 123 islands exist during high tide. Many thanks to the local who explained how the name “Hundred Islands” came about.



Alaminos City in Pangasinan is known for the beautiful Hundred Islands about 6-7 hours drive from Manila. There are literally hundreds of islands where you can go island hopping by pumpboat. The pumpboat would range about PhP 1,300-1800 depending on the size of the boats from small, medium to big sizes. Roaming around the islands there can take half a day. I would advise bringing snacks or packed lunch if you plan to stay for a longer time island hopping.



The boatman will be able to tell you which islands are the best to go. Every island has a name but the famous ones are Quezon Island, Pilgrimage Island and Secret Island. Quezon Island is known for its sandbar. Pilgrimage Island is famous for a huge statue of Jesus like the one in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Secret Island is a must-see for its underground cave with a statue of Mama Mary inside. What I also admire about Hundred Islands is the way they preserve their corals by putting signages like “No Anchoring” so as to not destroy their marine ecosystem.



Perhaps the highlight of my Hundred Islands trip was the hike to the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer at Pilgrimage Island. It felt like I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The hike would probably take around 30 minutes so do not forget to bring drinking water. The island was a pilgrimage site also so there are Stations of the Cross up until you reach the very top of Christ the Redeemer statue.



Plans for an overnight stay won’t be a problem because there are a lot of transient inns available in the mainland. There are also restaurants within the docking area. But of course in a long road travel like this, always plan your trip accordingly. 🙂


These group of islands are gems in Northern Luzon. The islands and islets are clustered well that its scenery is a great sight to see. So add Hundred Islands to your travel bucketlist and experience why it’s more fun in the Philippines!

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