The Kyoto Experience

As part of the tour from Klook, the Kyoto experience covered three interesting places to visit. The city of Kyoto is about 30-45 minutes away from Osaka and is accessible through car, bus, or train.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

The tour included bus transportation going to the three Kyoto attractions. But for those who opt to take the train instead, a train station goes directly to this shrine. Upon entering the shrine, tourists may have to wash their hands for cleansing. They even provide instructions on how to go about the washing of hands.




The main attraction in this area are the thousand bamboo torii gates engraved with Japanese symbols of whose wishes would like to be granted or were already granted. The walk will not take long. The torii gate is a nice place to have pictures taken with the bright orange bamboo as an Instagram worthy background.



With cherry blossoms in season, I saw my first bloom of the year in this area. It was the first bloom on a significant place in Kyoto so I was thrilled to have seen it. The color in its first bloom would be deep candy pink as shown.




Food was very much present within the area from beef to crab sticks and noodles. Shrine goers would not miss the wide array of food sold on the street leading to the main tourist area. I would suggest tasting the cubed beef barbecue. The beef was tender and smothered with a generous amount of barbecue sauce.



Higashiyama District

At Higashiyama District, you can shop and dine with the old traditional Kyoto scenery. I would recommend doing souvenir shopping here especially anything matcha flavored in it. Soft-serve matcha ice cream is also a must-try! They’re everywhere of course.



I have also found a very interesting Starbucks location inside this village that feels like a beautiful Japanese zen home. Unlike the usual Starbucks set-up, the coffee shop in this Kyoto village is clean, minimal, and rustic. It felt homey where the second floor of this coffee shop have rooms where you can sit on the floor laidback and cross-legged.


Here at Higashiyama, women can dress up wearing a kimono while shopping around a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Be prepared to climb up and down the stairs as you roam around. It’s ideal to wear comfortable walking shoes for the duration of this tour.



Kinkakuji Pavilion (Temple of the Golden Pavilion)

The trip to Golden Pavilion has an entrance fee so it’s optional for tourists on tour if they prefer to see the temple up close. The path going around the area is quite a trail with other temples and beautiful lakeside sceneries to be seen.


Book your activities for your own Kyoto experience at Klook. Check out the URL link for more tour options!

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